Andy Main

Andy Main

Andy Main is Bakkt's Chief Executive Officer and President. He has served as
the former Global CEO of Ogilvy and former Global CEO of Deloitte Digital.
Throughout his career, Andy has grown the value of Fortune 500 companies
through the combined power of technology innovation, business value and
creativity, wrapped up in his brand of entrepreneurship. This has been
demonstrated in his recent experience, most notably:

  • Starting as CEO in 2020, transformed Ogilvy from a then lagging business
    into the world’s leading creative agency, putting Ogilvy eminently
    back on the world stage, well ahead of market expectations.

  • Starting as Head of Deloitte Digital in 2014, took a start-up business
    within Deloitte and scaled it over six years into a multi-billion global
    business and a leading brand in the digital transformation market.

  • Andy has received several recognitions along the way, including Adweek’s Top
    100 Leaders in Marketing, Media and Technology, and named one of the world’s
    Top 25 Consultants by Consulting Magazine.

In other notable mentions, Andy was a Principal at Deloitte Consulting for 21
years, where he was also on the Board of Deloitte Consulting. He started off
his career at Andersen Consulting working in the financial services sector in
London and Boston. He also participates in the Adam Smith Global Foundation,
based in Kirkcaldy, Scotland ( the birthplace of Adam Smith) which exists to
offer education and insights into Adam Smith’s works, and applies Smith’s
thinking in provocative ways that are relevant to today’s global trends.